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Title: Cosmic voids and void properties
Authors: Pan, Danny C.
Keywords: Physics;Astrophysics;Dark energy (Astronomy);Dark matter (Astronomy)
Issue Date: 11-Jul-2011
Abstract: The cosmic energy budget of the standard model of cosmology ( CDM) dictates that 72% of the Universe is Dark Energy (undetected, unknown), 23% Dark Matter (undetected, some candidates, largely unknown), and 4% baryons. Everything we have seen and detected including galaxies, stars, white dwarves, supernovae, and black holes make up just 4% of the known Universe. The predictions of CDM has held up surprisingly well to various studies of the observable Universe, including Hubble Space Telescope observations of supernovae, Sloan Digital Sky Survey observations of the baryon acoustic oscillations, and Wilkinson Micro Anisotropy Probe studies of the cosmic microwave background. In my thesis, I test the predictions of CDM on the large scale structure of the Universe, speci cally voids. Using a void catalog generated from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, I study the sizes and shapes of voids, the small scale distribution of void galaxies, and the distribution of Ly (neutral hydrogen) clouds. I nd that voids in the Universe have characteristic sizes and shapes based on cosmology, voids can be modeled as mini-universes where void galaxies are much less clustered than their wall counterparts, and the surprising result that Ly clouds do not trace the large scale distribution of baryons or dark matter in the Universe.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1860/3532
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